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15 Reasons For A Family Meeting Every Week While Your Kids Are Little

Having a family meeting every week while your kids are little, is the right time to start. Your children being so little is the very reason you should start right now. Your little ones think you hung the moon. They listen to your words as though you are the most amazing person ever.

As they grow, they develop their own opinions on pretty much everything. The sooner you introduce family meetings to your child, the better! Now is the time to do it. Let’s talk more about 15 reasons to start having a family meeting every week while your kids are little.

15 reasons to start having a family meeting every week when your kids are little. colored pencils. notebook. toys.

15 Reasons For A Family Meeting Every Week While Your Kids Are Little

Benefits Of Family Meetings

Family Meetings Are Positive Parenting!

A Family Meeting With a Baby

The baby in our family has started to really contribute during the highlight/lowlight sharing time of our family meetings! He’s the cutest thing! When I asked him during a recent meeting what his lowlights were, I said, “what hurt your heart, buddy?” To which he replied, (with his most intense bat-man face) “Nothing! My heart is so happy. My highlights is bubby and sissy’s and my whole family!”

Ya, we all responded the same way you just did, “Aaawwee!” His heart is so full. He feels loved, needed, accepted, belonging, special and all the other positive emotions I want my children to feel.

Our family meeting gave him a chance to say those words out loud. Words that we may have missed in passing if not for being intentional to have them shared. Words that grow relationships. And words that build bonds.

Good Parenting Isn’t Easy

If great parenting were easy, the world would be full of well-behaved little angel cherubs. You have to be on your A-Game a lot. You kinda have to take the opportunity to do easy parenting stuff that is truly powerful and effective when you can.

Starting a family meeting every week while your kids are little is a simple and exceptional way to strengthen your family and cultivate the hearts of your child. Even when you think they are too young to benefit. Believe me, they are not!

Putting off taking action in your family is a happiness killer. Get yourself a piece of string 10 inches long. Each inch represents 10 years of your life.

Do you plan to live to 100? How much string do you have left? Will you waste another millimeter of your time? Or a centimeter? Or a whole inch?

Maybe you weren’t sure if your kids were too young for family meetings. Or perhaps you thought that they wouldn’t understand. Or that it would be a waste of time. You thought wrong. That’s OK… you didn’t know how important it was, but now you do.

Start Family Meetings Now and Reap The Benefits!

Do what you can do today, while today is here and fresh and full of possibility. Use the 15 reasons I’ve given you above and that tugging you are feeling in your heart to move to action.

Start having a family meeting every week while your child is little. Having a family meeting regularly will benefit everyone right now. It will also benefit everyone for years to come! Making the most of your 10 inches of string!


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