9 Ways To Love Your Baby Better!

That baby of yours is just so darn cute! I love how squishy and soft he is. Did you know he has a baby love language? Ya, it’s true. Do you know what his baby love language is? Let’s figure it out… shall we? The hugs and kisses you’ve been giving him are a great start. There is, even more, you can do to show him, love, though. I’ll take a minute and tell you how to determine your child’s “baby love language”, so you can give him the most and best love possible.

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Rapid Love Language Review

Every baby, every child, every person has a preferred way of receiving and giving love, known as their love language. I’ll give you clues to your baby’s love language (unlocking your super-mommy powers.) and teach you how to tell what your baby’s love language is, so you can know how to better show him, love.

I’m going to give you a super-quick review of the 5 love languages before we talk about which one belongs to your baby.

  • Words of affirmation.👍 “I can live for two months on a good compliment.” ~Mark Twain
  • Quality time.🕐This is undivided attention. Face to face. No distraction. No TV. Doesn’t have to be long.
  • Receiving gifts. 🎁A gift is tangible. You can hold it and know the giver was thinking of you. Doesn’t have to cost money.
  • Acts of Service. 👨‍🍳 Doing something for someone you know they could do themselves.
  • Physical touch. 😘A hug. A kiss. A wrestle. A pat on the back.

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happy baby whose mom knows her baby love language

Think about your baby now and ask yourself some questions.

  • Does he stare at you when you talk?
  • Does he get quiet when you sing?
  • Is he intrigued when you make funny voices?

Answering “yes” to these questions means Words of Affirmation is likely his favorite and you should do these things to show him, love:

#1. Talk to him.
#2. Sing to him.
#3. Make sure he can see your face while you are talking and singing to him. And make sure you are talking and singing… A LOT, cuz he loves it! get my favorite DVD’s for words of affirmation here

Think about your baby some more and ask these next set of questions:

  • Does your baby want to be held All. The. Time.?
  • Does he like being carried around a lot?
  • Does he cry when you leave the room?

Answering “yes” to these questions means Quality Time is likely his favorite and you should do these things to show him, love:

#1. Be alone with him.
#2. Play a face to face game like peek-a-boo, by yourself with him.
#3. Wear him in a baby carrier. click here for my favorite baby carrier

The next two sets of questions would be about Receiving Gifts and Acts of Service, however, it’ll take a few years before you’ll know if either of these is his love language, so we’ll just move past them until we revisit the subject when he’s a toddler, OK? Okay!

Just keep on thinking about your baby, you’ve got one more set of questions to answer.

The last set is about hugs and kisses, which let’s face it, are kinda the best to give your baby. I mean, come on… those cheeks of his are begging for smooches!

  • Does he get excited or smile and coo when you kiss his cheeks and neck?
  • Does he hug you back when you hug him?
  • When he’s fussy, does he calm down when you hold him a little tighter?

Answering “yes” to these questions means Physical Touch is likely his favorite and you should do these things to show him, love:

#1. Hug him, tight.
#2. Kiss his cheeks and hands.
#3. Don’t forget to blow “zer-burts” on his belly. This is like wrestling at his age and a great way to show physical affection! click here for a swing and here for swaddles that will help your baby feel comforted

Real-life Baby Love Language Stories.

I have two real-life – real quick stories to show you how I discovered the baby love language for one of my sons and one of my daughters.

When my oldest son was born, he wanted to be held con-stant-ly! For Real. All. The. Time. He was trial by fire for my parenting skills. He just wanted to be with me every second of every day!

As he has grown we’ve seen that he never stopped wanting to be with us. Even still, as a pre-teen, he wants to be WITH us. Quality Time is without a doubt his love language.

As a baby, my oldest daughter wanted to be fed, burped, and talked to. Snuggling wasn’t her preference. If I was holding her close, she couldn’t see my face as I was talking to her.

Putting her needs above my own meant not relying on my new baby to fill my snuggle tank. ⬆️ Ouch! Words of Affirmation was her baby love language then and it is her big girl love language now.

You’re a baby love language guru!

Now then, I’ve highlighted the love languages and how to notice them in your baby, you should begin looking for clues about his love language. You’ll probably notice a little of all of these things, but I’m sure you have a story about your baby, similar to my stories, that is an “Ah-Ha!” story.

There is something about your baby that you have noticed from the beginning, and now that I have given you the right questions to ask, you can take all that info and determine his baby love language!

I’m curious to know… did one of these pop out to you as we were talking about them? Was there one question, that you answered like… Uh, HELLO!! Over here! That’s MY baby! Yes? I knew it! Which one was it? Scroll down to share your thoughts below.

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  1. My baby is a yes for 2/3 of both Quality Time and Physical Touch, but it occurred to me that the two items she responds most to in Quality Time are the ones involving touch (being held & carried) so I think touch is her real love language. At least so far – I suspect these are subject to change sometimes, especially since two of the five don’t seem to show up at all in babies!

    1. Hey Ettina!

      Fantastic insight! I love your attention to detail watching your little one’s behavior for clues to how to love her best.

      Great job.
      Many blessings,

  2. Thank you for this. My daughter is quality time and at times words of encouragement. I like your line about the snuggle tank, I can relate!

  3. I’m curious if your son who wants to be with you all the time had trouble when starting school? My 4 year old has separation anxiety terribly and cries everytime we leave him at preschool ..thanks!!

    1. Hi Kaitlyn!

      What a great question! We homeschool, so while this wasn’t an issue for us in the way you are presenting the question, I will say: He did have a little trouble when we began taking him to the children’s class on Sunday mornings at church. We trained him through it and it only lasted roughly a month. If your son’s love language is quality time, make sure his tank is full with plenty of one-on-one time with you. As such, when it comes time to be apart you can have the confidence that his needs are met and reasonable expectations for separation must be trained.

      Keep up the good work!

    1. All children will need love in multiple forms and show signs of interest in various ways. However, if you watch closely and obvserve for a length of time you will begin to see patterns of behavior that favor one (or some) over others.


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