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Imagine feeling prepared each day to raise well-behaved children who are resilient and well-adjusted.

 Journey to a place of parenting peace with Purposeful Discipline Academy. Where you'll receive step-by-step instructions for establishing a loving and productive discipline approach so you can be confident you're doing the right thing for your child! 


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“I worked through the program and I want to thank you. You are really changing my life. I'm 47 and I'm a mother of three 14-12-10 yrs old. After I finished the course, I started to practice what I learned immediately and in a few days, I have seen results I haven't seen for years. THANK YOU!!” -Diletta

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Are you unsure about...

  • When to stand firm and when to go easy
  • How to get your child to listen without resorting to yelling
  • Which behaviors need correction and which don't
  • Choosing the RIGHT consequences
  • How to discipline without losing your patience?

Imagine how confident you'll feel when you...

  • Get first-time obedience peacefully
  • Follow through with consistency
  • Choose effective consequences that get real results  
  • Set safe and secure boundaries
  • Discipline without losing your cool
  • Are free of guilt, because you didn't get angry

If you're ready to develop a confident, loving, and positive discipline method with long-lasting results... this is the parenting course for you!

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"I’ve been at a loss for quite some time now and this was everything I’ve been searching for. I’m excited to dig in and get my 7 year old on track without the “poor parenting” techniques I picked up from my childhood." - Kylie

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Purposeful Discipline Academy is the COMPLETE Discipline Program to walk you through choosing, implementing, and following through with purposeful discipline that will establish good behavior, build parenting confidence, and cultivate a positive family environment!

What you get...

  • How to get to the root of bad behavior
  • Guide to setting good rules
  • The two secrets you MUST know about good behavior
  • Process for choosing & following through with effective consequences, resulting in first-time obedience
  • Printable discipline planning system
  • Common discipline mistakes you should avoid at all costs!

  • Practical videos to walk you through real-life application
  • Encouragement from real-life success
  • Lessons customizable to your own family
  • Workbook download
  • 10 No-Gimmicks Videos, Bonus Video, 7 Eye-Opening Modules, 10 Transformative Lessons, and more in this full discipline system

"Truth echos and so much of the most brilliant and insightful parenting advise that I've received is echoed in your words. I can't wait to read more. I am so thankful for this resource. I pray that my life reflect the light of Christ as your words do!" -Leah

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Take Back Control

So You Can Enjoy Motherhood

Special limited time enrollment!


How Do I Know This Program Will Help Your Family?

In Purposeful Discipline Academy, you're guided through discovering the most common mistakes parents make so you can avoid them.

You'll identify the root of your child’s most habitual bad behaviors so you can pick the right battles.

You'll learn to choose effective consequences and discipline for your child based on his or her unique disposition, and how to use all that information to get a handle on bad behavior in your home and train good behavior in its place!

Ready to discover the untold truth about behavior problems and create a discipline strategy to change them?

Obedience Means More Time to Nurture Relationship

Without an environment of obedience and loving authority in your home, the days are spent in frustration and cycles of poor child and poor parental behavior. Leaving no time to develop a loving connection with your child.

“Authoritative Parenting is the parenting style most frequently and solidly associated with healthy, well-adjusted children."

The energy you put in now will pay off in a multitude of dividends.

The investment you make in your child's behavior now will pave the way for a more fulfilling motherhood and healthier parent-child.

Some Facts About Purposeful Discipline Academy

Provides you with answers to "What do I do when...?"

Gives you consequences and teaches you how to most effectively create new ones.

It's based on a biblically sound and research-driven authoritative parenting style, found to be the most effective for ALL children.

You can work through it again and again as your child ages, so it never goes out of style or loses effectiveness.

And, if you get the special limited offer of The Secret Solution to No More Discipline - Child Training Bootcamp, you can avoid the need for most discipline!

You CAN raise obedient children who make motherhood a pleasure, without yelling or being harsh.

Which Option Would You Like?

OPTION #1 The Discipline Course Only

  • 10 No-Gimmicks Videos
  • Bonus Video
  • 7 Eye-Opening Modules
  • 10 Transformative Lessons
  • Bonuses

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OPTION #2 The Discipline Course plus Child Training Bootcamp Bundle

  • Everything in Purposeful Discipline Academy PLUS...
  • The Secret Solution to No More Discipline - Child Training Bootcamp
  • Learn how to avoid the need for discipline
  • Have an effective discipline strategy ready for when you DO need it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will this discipline program work for my child?

Purposeful Discipline Academy is an online parenting course using a guided approach to show you how to develop a discipline strategy that is CUSTOM TO YOUR CHILD! I believe it will work for you. However, no tool works until you use it. No amount of knowledge produces results until it’s applied. The level of success you have with this course depends entirely on your dedication to completing the course and your commitment to applying it!

What is Purposeful Discipline Academy?

Purposeful Discipline Academy is an online parenting course.

The course contains 10 videos, 12 written lessons, a digital download workbook you can print, and bonuses.

What age should the kids be when I buy this?

Moms with babies all the way up to young teens have seen fantastic results with this course. Weeks of parenting proactivity are worth months of behavior correction. Therefore, the earlier you begin effectively disciplining your child, the easier each day thereafter will be. So while moms with children ages 0-12 may find the most rapid results, now is the time to take the next right step!

How soon will I receive the program?

After purchase you will have immediate access to the course and all printable materials. You may print the workbook and begin the course as soon as you'd like. Check your inbox, open the course email, click the link, and start. You may choose to store the download on your hand-held device, print it for use, or both!

Do you offer a refund policy?

Yes. Purposeful Discipline Academy comes with a Golden Rule Guarantee! If you work through every step of the program and do not see positive results, let me know within 30 days and I'll refund your purchase price. If you do the work, it will work!

Hi, I'm Shelley Jefsen, AACC Advanced Certified Christian Life Coach with a specialty in Parenting and Family, founder of Faithful Parenting, creator of Purposeful Discipline Academy, the T.R.U.S.T. Parenting System, 5 Steps to Parenting with Great Purpose, and The Mindful Mom's Connection Toolkit.  

Over a decade ago, I found that while parenting questions, concerns, and fears were plentiful, the help and solutions moms needed were in short supply!

I committed myself to the upbringing of my children and sharing the victory God gave me along the way. I've been dedicated to biblical parenting and coaching moms ever since.

Building tight-knit families and raising children to be kind, well-mannered, and confident people does not happen by accident. It requires equipping yourself with the right knowledge and tools.

I'm so glad that you found your way to Purposeful Discipline Academy!  


Ready to have the peace and confidence in disciplining that you've always wanted?