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The Ultimate Gift Buying Guide of Useful Gifts For Mom

“Tiny tots… with their eyes all aglow, will find it hard to sleep tonight.” You know who doesn’t find it hard to sleep on Christmas Eve? Mom. In this ultimate gift guide, we’re going to browse dozens of useful gifts for mom, so she can feel the thrill and excitement of Christmas magic too!

As a thank you to all the oh-so-selfless moms, I wanted to create a really great list of gifts, that I think you’ll love, so you can share this with the man in your life. Make it easy for him to buy for you this year.

Useful Gifts for Mom are Her Favorite Kind.

Moms can be hard to shop for and really hard to surprise. As a result, they often receive gift cards. While gift cards are a nice treat (I know I like them) there is no shortage of things moms need or would love to have. The trick is picking something that is just right.

Moms are self-sacrificing people who insist, that “they don’t need anything.” And if not, they buy pretty much everything they need for themselves. So, what is a gift giver to do? Get her something anyway! A gift that is beautiful or useful or both. I’ll help you decide just what it should be based on a few simple clues.

Does she work outside the home? Has something recently broken that she used a lot? Does she stay/work at home? Travel a lot? Have you ever heard her say these words, “when we have money someday, I’d like to have________?” My husband bought me diamond earrings before we were married. I kept them on and safe for 8 years before I lost one. Diamond earrings are my fill in the blank.

Let’s look closer at stellar ideas that make great and useful gifts for mom, for all budgets based on the answers to the questions above.

Useful Gifts for Working Moms.

Are you shopping for a woman who works outside the home? Transportation is important. Make sure she arrives safely back and forth with a new car. Go here to get her one… JUST KIDDING! I don’t have links to new cars.

OK, I got that out of my system… now, for real. Working moms need attire! What is her career? Does she need business casual clothing? This is a beautiful dress that would flatter most body-types and be a great work-wardrobe-addition for those working in an office. Or shop around here for more choices.

Note: This site may earn from qualifying purchases through affiliate links at no extra cost to you.

Does she carry a briefcase or messenger bag? Go here (this would be my gift choice this year, as my current mode of transporting my laptop is not ideal) Go here for MacBook case, here for non-Mac laptop case.

Consider what is broken when choosing useful gifts for mom!

I scored an awesome deal on a steam mop about a year and a half ago from our local discount store. We were building a house, and I knew I would need that thing for all the hard floors we were going to have. For one year it served me and my floors well! The problem with discount stores and trying to get a name brand product for cheap by purchasing off-brand is that they only last as long as the money you put in. So, a fraction of the use is what I got for paying a fraction of the price.

These steam mops are the bomb-diggity! I’ll be making getting a new one a top priority. This particular one has great reviews and is a best seller.

Recently a friend got herself a standing mixer for her birthday. I was shocked that this was her first one. Every mom who makes cookies (or anything) with her kiddos has to have a standing mixer! While using mine the other day, I noticed how it struggled a bit with bread dough. I foresee a new mixer in my future as well. This is the one I want next. It is 6 quarts! has great reviews and can handle all that I demand of a mixer. Don’t need a mixer quite so robust? This one is a great first mixer. It is 4.5 quarts and is perfect for average use.

Replace the broken things in moms life. If it’s broken, that means she used it a lot and needs a new one! (pretty sure there’s a deeper message in there somewhere)

Useful Gifts for Mom Who Stay at home, Work at home, and Homeschool.

Boy-howdy, I am at home a lot!! All day long to look at the inside of my house. The windows that don’t have drapes yet. The worn-out throw pillows on my sofa. The bare walls that have been neglected for a bit too long. There is no shortage of homemaking for a mom to do.

Moms who don’t work outside the home have a lot of opportunities throughout the day to notice all the improvements she’d like to make in her home. Now, to be fair, many stay/work-at-home-moms, myself included, intentionally keep home decor inexpensive and simple. Particularly homeschool families understand that with many kids in the house, all-day-long, comes many messes, all-day-long! So, knowing you are not ultimately staining a lot of money when hot cocoa is spilled on the rug is a good thing. Get her this so she can clean up those messes.

Us, at-home-moms, (generally) don’t buy pretty things for ourselves or our homes. However, we still like pretty things. So, it would be a great idea to get something special and a little “extra pretty” for the at-home mom on your list.

Useful Gifts For Her.

Bathrobes are essential at my house. When I am cold, I slip on my robe. Not sure what I am going to wear? Slip on the robe. Someone’s at the door and I haven’t changed out of pj’s yet (yes this is the life of at-home-moms, it is real.) On goes the robe. It only seems natural that a beautiful robe would make a great gift! Like this one. I also have this one for warmer months and I love it!

Want to splurge a little and surprise your favorite mom? These boots are everywhere! Not one, but TWO of my dear friends have recently found these on sale during an in-store-only deal. I would love to have a pair of these and I’d venture to say the mom you are shopping for would to also! Matte or Gloss. They are not cheap but they will last a looonnnggg time! And they are not the most expensive gift in this post. One thing I know. They are sure to please. These are the ones I would want.

On a tight budget this Christmas? Believe me, I know all about that! Fashion jewelry is a good option. Bracelets and necklaces are always a good bet. Not sure what to pick? This and this would likely be safe choices for most women.

Useful Gifts For Her Home.

Pinterest is a beautiful thing full of beautiful images. I could waste a lot of time on Pinterest looking at all the things I’d love to see in my own home. The problem, however, is a complete lack of time! Projects take time. Decorating takes time. So, what ends up happening is… nothing. Zero projects. Zilch decorating. Inability to do it all leads to productivity death and we accomplish nothing. The solution is intentional scheduling. 2018 is the year of intention at our home. More on that later, I’ve gotten completely off track…

One thing we can do to fill that pin-worthy-home-void that mom feels after perusing Pinterest is to buy her a little something pretty for her home. This doesn’t have to be complicated or over-thought. When it comes to decorating the home of a mom who spends a lot of time at home, pretty much anything cute will be gladly accepted.

These throw pillows are absolutely perfect. The color is versatile, the style popular and the price reasonable. A cute and comfy throw blanket like this one would compliment the pillows well.

Wall decor like this would certainly bring a smile. Pair these arrows with this or this cute sign to make the look complete.

Useful Gifts for Mom Who Travel

I have flown on an airplane more in the last two years, than in the 15 years prior. And I have realized something. Some people travel even more than me. A lot more! Before my honeymoon 14 years ago, someone told us to get bright colored luggage so it would stand out from everyone else. So we did. That bright red luggage is no longer bright red 14 years later! It is old and faded.

This cosmetic bag is just. so. perfect. I’d love to have one like this to take in the air or on the ground. Look for other small travel bag options here.

I love light blue. Looking at the color makes me happy. This light blue suitcase would be a good choice if mom needs something larger than an overnight bag, but not a full set of luggage. Blue not your (or her) thing? These are available in other colors. Prefer fabric over hardcover? This solid grey or this feminine print is for you.

Splurge Gifts for Mom

Remember at the beginning when I said most moms have an item (or two) that they tell themselves, they’d love to have someday? For me, it is diamond earrings. I don’t wear a lot of jewelry. The earrings my husband got me before we were married were perfect. I wore them all the time. They never came out. Which is how they were eventually lost.

I was on a cold morning run when I started to get hot. I took my sweatshirt off over my head and tied it around my waste. When I got home 30 minutes later, I realized one of my earrings was missing. I was heartbroken. Those were the only diamonds I have ever owned other than my wedding ring. I have told my husband many time since then, “babe, someday when you have a few hundred bucks that you have nothing else to do with, I’d love another pair of diamond earrings!” The trouble is, there is always something else you can be spending your money on.

I am tight with money. We run our home on a budget and always will. So I get the need to be frugal! At what point though, do you say, “the time is now?”

Certainly making the mom on your list feel special, valued and appreciated this Christmas is worth a lot! Here are diamond earrings in an array of price ranges. Earrings are fool-proof. Solitaire diamond earrings are 100% perfect 100% of the time!

These for the super tight budget.

What gifts should you NOT give?

There are a few things that a person simply needs to buy for themselves! Some things have too much room for error, are too personal, or too specific. Use this list as a guide of what not to buy! If these are the things the mom on your list is asking for, now is the time for the trusty gift card! Go here to purchase one.

What are not great gifts for mom?
Don’t buy:
Perfume (unless you know it’s her favorite)
Lotion (same rules as perfume)
Underwear (come on people)
Any other gifts you definitely don’t want people picking out for you? Tell me about them in the comments!

You have the ability to make her smile and feel totally remembered this Holiday season. I have covered everything in this guide. For all budget sizes and varying lifestyles. The perfect gift is awaiting within this post. You just have to click it!

Feel free to share this with those who need some help knowing what to get this Holiday. (wink wink, all the husbands of the world)


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