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How to Help Your Child Overcome Fear Using Christian Apologetics

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You teach your child about faith. You share your thoughts and feelings and maybe even your testimony. And you train him with scripture and show him God’s love by giving mercy and grace (best you can.) You comfort him when he wakes up in fear from a bad dream. These are all great things you are doing, and you should give yourself a pat on the back. Yet still, it’s difficult to teach him how not to be afraid. Is it even possible to remove fear from your child’s mind? It’s been possible for me, so I want to show you how to help your child overcome fear!

Answers Eliminate Fear

Your inquisitive child wants to know, well… everything. He asks you questions that you just plumb don’t know the answers to. You’ve thought about these questions and asked them yourself. It’s just that, as an adult, you’ve learned how to cast your doubt aside and so you don’t search too deep for answers.

Everything we teach and say and do falls flat without a stellar relationship with our children. The relationship should certainly come first. You can, however, provide more answers than you think, and knowledge eliminates fear!

Lies And The Unknown Are Responsible For Most Fear

As a child, an adult told me that aliens were real and that I would be taken away by one someday. This scared me to my very core. I completely believed it. Why would a grown-up lie anyway? I think this person actually believed it themself, unfortunately.

The Answers Book for Kids Complete Set

Into my adult life, I could not watch alien movies, be outside alone after dark, be around anyone talking about space, or accidentally allow myself to think about any of those things, or I would become stiff with fear. After accepting Christ as Savior, I was fed up with this fear and started looking for answers in hopes to eliminate fear.

I Defeated This Fear With the Help of Apologetics

I decide to approach everything as though I knew nothing. Learning everything all over again from the viewpoint that every word of scripture is perfectly true. I read, soaked up my pastor’s lessons, prayed, and eventually came upon Apologetics.

After discovering Apologetics, a crazy-awesome thing started to happen! My fears shrunk and eventually disappeared!

Overcoming fear is something I have to maintain. And I do that using a Christian worldview and going to Christian apologetics for answers.

How to Help Your Child Overcome Fear With Apologetics

Our children read, or we read to them.

Your child’s bookshelf consists of books she got when she was born, books from free reading programs, books she got for her birthday, etc. Being intentional to include children’s apologetic books will squash your child’s doubt, build her faith, and put a stop to fear. This happens because they have plenty of truth to read.

Why not read books about dinosaurs, space, and creation to your baby that say the things you actually believe? Or perhaps, you should read a little about dinosaurs from an apologetic source, if you are unsure.

While we can’t actually eliminate common childhood fears completely, we can help our children overcome a lot of it, by providing answers to questions and showing her how to search for truth in the bible. Doing so uncovers lies and removes the unknown, effectively getting rid of the source of most fear!

I have answered my children’s questions and taught life through apologetics since the day they were born, and they’re pretty brave kids. When something comes up that makes them uneasy, we are quick to reference scripture and an apologetics source to teach them the truth about what they are feeling.

My favorite Apologetics source is Answers In Genesis, created by Ken Hamm, the founder of The Creation Museum (which I wrote a review on here)

This way my kids know that… “…Only He should be feared; only He should be held in awe” Isaiah 8:13

Wondering just what apologetics is? Read on…

A Technical Definition of Apologetics. (warning: technical stuff is boring)

Some technical info on apologetics: The word apologetics first appears in the New Testament in 1 Peter 3:15 where the Apostle Peter addressed early Christians in Asia Minor (a Roman province) who were suffering persecution because of their faith in Christ. He writes:

But even if you should suffer for righteousness’ sake, you will be blessed. Have no fear of them nor be troubled, but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense (apologia) to anyone who asks you for a reason (logos) for the hope that is within you: yet do it with gentleness and respect (ESV).

Within this one verse, Christian apologetics is summarized nicely. Christian apologetics can be summarized in two parts: (a) objective reasons and evidence that Christianity is true (it corresponds to reality) and, (b) the communication of that truth to the world. Source: cross examined. org

Sound Answers For Your Child’s Questions.

Your curious child has questions. Finding the right answers was how I defeated fear and continue to squash it the moment it rises in my children. If you’re concerned because your child is afraid of everything, Christian Apologetics is a perfect place to start.

Apologetics will provide the answers your child needs. Stock your child’s bookshelf with truth and fun at the same time.

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