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How To Improve Your Child’s Nutrition Quickly, Easily, and Without A Battle!

It’s easy to get frustrated with how to improve your child’s nutrition without a battle – because you can overthink the whole process and make it more difficult than it has to be. Stop… Just stop!

No more feeling beat up about what your kid eats. No more getting all excited about changing his diet only to throw in the towel when he pushes away the bowl of quinoa you made!

How To Improve Your Child's Nutrition Quickly and Easily

Is it really any wonder he doesn’t want the new “weird” stuff you made him when just yesterday he had a bowl of honey nut cheerios for breakfast and lunch?

Is what your kid eats really even as important as people say it is? More importantly, just how much do you really want to improve it?

Are You Going to Let Him Eat That?

Nutrition expectations are everywhere. Your crunchy – granola mom friends are judge-y when you give your kid goldfish crackers. One says not to give your child any sugar whatsoever. Another says no pasta, or potatoes or corn or bread… Wait?! What the heck is he supposed to eat?

Heaven forbid you try improving your child’s nutrition, then take him to his grandparent’s house. You may hear about how you should just let him enjoy his childhood. Let a kid be a kid. Eat cookies. Drink Kool-Aid. Have candy.

This is about the point at which you say, “I’m done!” and just give up.

It does not have to be all or nothing!

There is a way you can feel good about what you feed your child and not feel like he has to miss out on everything fun (and sweet.) Quickly and easily improving your child’s nutrition intake without waging an all-out food war is possible.

Should You Take Your Child’s Nutrition To The Extreme?

If we’re being honest, extremes are effective. When I changed our family’s diet in 2012, I went 100% all-in.

We made dietary changes in our home, that most people didn’t know could sustain life. And it worked.

Out of 5 (at the time) family members, 4 of us were dealing with significant health issues.

Within 3 months of my extreme changes, all 4 of us were better. Like, real-deal, no more problems, all better. Hardcore, extreme, drastic, whatever you want to call it… it works.

It’s also not practical or necessary for every person. And very, very difficult for most people to accomplish. The world we live in today simply does not set people up for a healthy diet.

How to Be Reasonable About Nutrition

Sure there is all this great information out there about diet and nutrition, but people still work. People still have busy schedules. And healthy food is more expensive. Period.

All of which makes it nearly impossible to make the kind of nutrition changes I made years ago.

The truth remains that what your child eats is the primary deciding factor as to how well each of the cells in his body functions. And how well his cells function largely determines whether he gets sick or not.

What About Exercise?

Exercise is important. If a child is a veggie lover but sits around playing video games 24/7, that’s not good. But a super active child with a poor diet will quickly run into trouble.

Nutrition is what forms the cells, while exercise is what your body then does with the cells it has formed.

Healthy Foods For Kids- Bottom line.

Nutrition is the number 1, top contributor to overall health. Whether you are healthy or otherwise. What you eat is largely the cause. The food your child eats is the foundation for everything else!

So then, what DO you do, when your kid won’t eat the “good stuff” you offer him, but with facts like: “almost 30% of kids live with chronic health conditions that affect their daily lives,” you know the importance of your child’s nutrition is undeniable?

How To Improve Your Child’s Nutrition Without A Battle!

Get Some Perspective On Nutrition

Many, many other areas, besides nutrition need your attention. So keep it simple when improving nutrition. Start by following the 3 super simple steps above and then decide if you want to work on doing more.

Your child’s nutrition is important.

More important than many realize. However, getting all crazy about nutrition won’t help your child. Instead, you’ll get burned out trying to make ALL the right choices and won’t make any.

Rather than letting that happen, learn how to improve your child’s nutrition with things he’ll actually eat. His nutrition will improve, you’ll both feel better about food and that is a Mommy win!


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