2 Ways To Keep Your Little’s Healthy During Flu Season

Did you know this year’s flu season is going to be the worst flu season? Do you know why? Because EVERY flu season is the worst! I’m joking about the first sentence- I don’t know the statistics about this year’s flu season, but if YOUR little one gets the flu, then it WILL be the worst flu season… for both of you! I’m going to tell you how to greatly reduce your little one’s chances of getting sick with two crazy-simple steps to keep kids healthy during flu season.

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little girl blowing her nose after not keeping healthy during flu season

My Formula for Good Health.

We enjoy good health at my home and I am very grateful for that! I am not 100% sure exactly how we stay healthy. It is likely a combination of things. Homeschooling, nutritious diet, active lifestyle, etc.

There are two things, however, that I know for sure play a large role in our health.

I’m going to share them with you. You can certainly do more than just these two things to prevent sickness during this kid’s flu season. However, if you’ll start with these two things, you’ll be doing a great thing for your little people and may find they are all you need.

Two ways to keep kids healthy during flu season.

  • #1. Vitamin C is your friend! Give your child plenty of it! Little ones under 5 can take up to 250mg two times a day! That’s 500mg, and probably more than you’d think to give them. (source) Find a chewable tablet like this one and give your little one lots of vitamin C, my friend, lots! Click here to learn more about the benefits of high doses of Vitamin C.

Fun fact about Vitamin C: Phagocytes are cells in the body that literally eat or destroy other harmful cells. Bacteria, dying cells, etc are all found and destroyed (eaten) by the Phagocyte cells in your body. Cool, right? Phagocytes are like the little police officers of your immune system! Only, instead of merely hauling off the dangerous cells, the Phagocytes have the authority to demolish those dangerous cells right there on the spot to rid your body of them. Know what your Phagocyte cells need to perform their task well?? Go ahead… make a guess… Yes, Vitamin C!

I know you don’t come to me for science lessons, but I couldn’t help myself.

  • #2. Hand washing… excuse me, I meant obsessive hand washing is a must! I’m all for good bacteria. We live on a mini-farm, and we spend a lot of time outside. Playing in the dirt, exploring, caring for animals. The germs we get doing all those things are welcome. The germs from the man coughing in the grocery store or the kid with a runny nose at church, are not!

Wash hands before each and every time your little one has a meal or snack. Wash their hands after leaving church, grocery stores, playdates, and any other time they are around people. Keep hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes in your car to use after leaving a park without a bathroom to wash. this is what I keep in my car and this in my purse

Fun fact about hand washing, (no, really, this one is actually fun): When I began putting my firstborn in the nursery at church, he was about 6 months old. After I’d pick him up from church, we’d head straight to the bathroom. I’d hold my little baby over the sink and scrub his hands with soap and water. I got some funny looks:)

I have washed my “baby’s” hands since the first, and I still do today. The first thing my three-year-old does when we get home from anywhere is pull up a stool to the sink. The older kids all disperse to various sinks, and wash the yuck away!

Do these two (crazy simple) things and see what happens.

Two of the simplest, most affordable, and most effective ways to keep your kids healthy during flu season. Lots of Vitamin C, and over-the-top hand washing. Finally, you gotta know, they might still get sick. However, if their little bodies are armed with plenty of Vitamin C, they will be stronger to fight it. And developing great handwashing habits is just a plain ole’ good idea!


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mom wiping child's nose trying to keep kids healthy during flu season

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