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Keeping Your Child Safe on the Internet – Protecting The Internet Generation

Keeping your child safe on the internet, although more difficult than some other areas of parenting, is not impossible.

Being in the 35+ category, I remember a childhood free from screens! A childhood full of bike-riding, playing until dark with the neighbors and using encyclopedias to look something up for school.

Now, however, once your child can read and sees something on a magazine cover, or billboard that he is unfamiliar with, he can easily search for the meaning of words online, or even “ask Siri.”

I Don’t Need To Worry About This, My Kids Are Too Little

I know what you are thinking! “My kids are too little to be thinking about this.” “I’ve got enough on my hands, what with sleep, nutrition, potty training and all!”

Or maybe you’re thinking, “Oh, I’ve got a handle on screens at my house, Shelley. I’m all over it!” I’m so glad you feel confident in your ambition to keep your child’s internet exposure under wraps, let me say, it’s just not possible to handle on your own.

Unless of course, you want to trade in your motherhood for a career in screen monitoring. Because that is what you’ll need to do if you expect to control it on your own.

If keeping your child safe on the internet were something moms could do on their own, the statistic of 90% of boys and 70% of girls age 13-14 have viewed p*#n online, wouldn’t exist. You need help!

Life + Culture + Technology

Protecting The Internet Generation Failure

Together, these things create a current we just can’t swim against on our own.

How To Protect My Child On The Internet

I know I have painted a pretty dark picture. But you just gotta get this! Protecting the internet generation is possible, but there are a handful of things you simply must do.

Keeping Your Child Safe On The Internet With Covenant Eyes

One of my favorite things about Covenant Eyes is all the free resources they offer. Such as free ebooks about parenting the internet generation. And an article about the dangers of the internet for kids. Internet safety for children and family purity is a top priority for them.

Be diligent, be proactive and be REAL! It is not possible to monitor the internet alone. Don’t try. Once your child has seen inappropriate images… he can’t un-see them. Those disgusting images can be forever burned in his brain. Prevention is worth a pound of cure, except when it comes to protecting your child on the internet. At which point, prevention is worth a crap-ton of cure!!!

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I'm a stay-at-home/work-at-home, homeschooling Mama of 4 beautiful kiddos, wife to my loving husband, Parenting Coach, Speaker, and Writer. I adore the sound of my children's giggles, that first sip of hot coffee, and a snuggly blanket fresh out of the dryer. Here on Faithful Parenting, my heart is to equip mamas with the skills, knowledge, and biblical wisdom to raise fantastic kids and build a tethered family!