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It’s OK to Love Your Baby So Much

You love your baby so much, you feel it in your bones. You want to be with that baby every second of every day. Being that needed by another human is an intense emotion. So just in case you’re feeling a little guilty about giving your baby ALL of your love right now, I gotta tell you; Those feelings are there for a reason. It’s OK to indulge… it’s OK to love your baby SO much!

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It's ok to love your baby so much. Mom and baby snuggles.

Couch Potato New Mommy

My firstborn baby was rather high maintenance and I was a newbie Mommy, so we spent most of our days attached to the couch. My husband would leave for work and we’d be sitting in the corner of the sofa.

The baby would be nursing while I had my head kicked back trying to rest. When my husband got home that evening… there we were, on the couch in the same spot doing the same thing. Sure, I had gotten up a couple times, but not many.

When people ask you how “things” are going, you answer that everything is great! Baby is fantastic. Mommy is great. Those answers feel like the ones to give because you love your baby, and the joy you feel is more important to talk about that any obstacles you are facing!

The sense of purpose you have while holding your baby and the pride you feel being the one to calm her cries is what you want to talk about. Not how tired you are. I. Get. It.

Stay Positive

Once, when my family was just beginning, someone (female) said to me, “your life and marriage will never be perfect, so you might as well stop trying now!” Fast forward to today, and snarky “being-a-Mommy-is-so-awful-I-have-to-hide-in-the-closet” videos are everywhere.

Throw in all the unwarranted negative comments women give, and it’s easy to feel like something is wrong with you because you can’t believe how much you love your baby.

You just want to find a cozy corner of the couch to sit in with your baby and shut the world out.

It’s OK To Love Your Baby SO Much!

There is nothing wrong with you. You are a great Mommy. Feel free to make that corner of the couch your home, because you won’t be there long. Your baby will be keeping you on your toes soon enough.

As she grows, your relationship with your child will change. Your relationship with your husband will change. Right now… you are right where you need to be, in the corner of that couch.

The bond you are creating with your baby is the foundation for a great pattern of child training that will help you to continue liking your kids once they’re not babies anymore.

That, “No, I refuse to accept your negativity,” attitude you have will be the key to keeping your family strong for years to come. Hold on to that attitude tightly!

Life is fleeting. It’s OK to indulge in your new Mommy feelings because you’ll never get today back.

Sure, there are things you can and should be doing to maintain your marriage and friendships while you are consumed with new Mommy-ness. Even so, that’s not what I want you to worry about today.

I Love My Baby So Much

For today, simply understand that you feel the way you do, about your baby, on purpose. You were created for your baby and your baby for you. And since your baby really is the best company, feel free to enjoy her over everyone else.

Life will change. Balance is possible. However, right now, the pendulum of your attention is on your baby’s side. That is where it should be. Enjoy it while it’s there.

Life with a balanced pendulum in the middle doesn’t smell like a new baby, and you’ll miss it.


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