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The Single Most Important Thing Every New Mom Needs To Know.

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Your baby is precious. Seriously – amazing. Soft and flawless and perfect in every way. I know you are overwhelmed with emotion each and every time you look at that sweet face. There’s something you don’t understand just yet though, and I beg you to listen to me before it’s too late. I want to tell you the single most important thing every new mom needs to know because your baby won’t be a baby long.

Babyhood will be gone before you know it. Please hear my heart, for the betterment of your and your baby’s life.

new mom holding newborn baby

Your Baby Won’t Be A Baby Long

Life is fleeting. Breakneck. Fast. People will tell you things like, “the days are long but the years are short.” And maybe sometimes, when you’re at your most exhausted point, you’ll believe it too.

But one day you’ll wake up and have a pre-teen who certainly doesn’t fit in your arms anymore. And whether or not that pre-teen still likes you and you still like her, comes down to what you are doing with her RIGHT NOW!

Feeding, clothing, bathing, holding and rocking your baby while she’s so tiny are all so important while she’s in this “tiny baby phase.” You’re developing a bond with her that is beautiful. However, there are even more important things coming down the pipe, and it’s crucial you be prepared for them.

One day in the not-so-distant future, your baby may throw a tantrum. She may pout when she doesn’t get what she wants. She may even say something mean to you. It’s impossible to image… I know.

You have got to feed her, rock her, bathe her, snuggle her, kiss her, smell her and enjoy every single baby moment right now because you won’t get those moments back… but you have to do it, ALL WHILE PREPARING FOR WHAT IS TO COME!

New Moms Hear A Lot Of Negativity

You’re going to hear all sorts of things about the difficulties ahead. Fits, tantrums, potty training, terrible two’s, etc… It could be easy to fall victim to the negativity. I’m begging you not to. Those things don’t HAVE to be a part of you and your child’s life down the road.

Truth is, you can enjoy your child in 3, 6, and 12 years as much as you are enjoying her while you hold her right this minute. But it takes work.

There is this beautiful place you can exist in your parenting where you are enjoying the baby moments, like the way she smells and the sound of her grunts, while also planning and preparing for how you are going to intentionally train and parent her later, so she can live her best life.

Training her with intentional and actionable steps will keep your family happy and living in harmony for the years to come.

Start With The End Goal In Mind

By the time most moms come to me for help, her child is 2-4 years old and has bad habits that have to be broken before good habits can be created. YOU, however, have a fresh, flawless baby, ready for you to mold, teach, train and parent in the best ways!

She has a tender – mold-able heart, an open – fragile mind, and an unblemished little body – that all need your care, your guidance and your training.

No one knows or loves your baby like you do – NO ONE! She was created for you and you for her. And you were both created on purpose and for a purpose. A large portion of your purpose is to help her discover hers!

So what do you do? You’ve got this perfect little person in your arms and you understand the huge responsibility heaped upon you to prepare and train her for a great life… but how?

You’ve heard the old adage, “it takes a village” when talking about raising good kids. Let me assure you, this isn’t true. If you let the “village” have her, they’ll eat her alive!

It takes a family! It takes a relentless mommy like you, armed with some seriously great parenting skills. Forget the village. You’re the chief!

Most Important Thing Every New Mom Needs To Know

The unfortunate truth, however, is, you’ll find a lot more videos, blogs, and resources out there dedicated to showing you how to hide in a closet and glorifying the heartaches of parenting than you will find supportive, equipping resources that provide real parenting skills, solutions, and actionable steps.

Be mindful of the resources you choose.

Surround yourself with a community of moms who understand the fierce determination you have to give your baby the best. Not just the healthiest nutrition, or the most natural soap… but the best LIFE! Moms who “get it!” And understand your resolve to raise great kids.

You Can Only Raise Yours

Finally, it’s important you be OK with the fact that not all moms will really grasp it. They just won’t. That’s OK. I’ll tell you the same thing my husband tells me when we’re talking about raising well-behaved kids. “You can’t raise them all.”

We’ve been so indoctrinated to believe that parenting is difficult and it’s impossible to raise great kids, that many moms have bought into the idea.

You just need to focus on that perfectly flawless little human in your arms. And know, that even if it feels like no one else does… I get it!!

I’m so glad you are here. You read all the way to the bottom of this post – that means you are in the right place!


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