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5 Proven Ways to Reduce Family Stress This Fall

It’s no secret that this year has been stressful. As you muddle your way through all the responsibilities that keep you busy, it’s essential to dedicate some time and effort to equip yourself and your family with tools to reduce family stress and cope with life’s pressures. 

Life isn’t always easy – which is why investing in your well-being (individually and as a family) is so critical to stay resilient. 

Take a look at our 5 favorite tools to reduce stress for your family this season. 

Spiritual Development Can Reduce Family Stress

In any journey to self-improvement, the best place to start is with the spirit. Seek the Lord in prayer, and counsel the scriptures on parenting and family life. Feed your soul with His words, and you’ll be ready to take on the rest of your challenges with a greater dose of wisdom and patience. 

A simple way to get in the Word, without a lot of in-depth studying, is to meditate on scripture. Meditating on scripture is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

Spending a few minutes alone in a quiet room while meditating on scripture helps as well.

Prayer can also be a form of scripture meditation, with some added intention. Strive for a few minutes of scripture meditation daily for a peaceful mindset to reduce family stress and carry you through your stresses. 

woman's hand reading along with scripture in the bible
Meditating on scripture is surprisingly simple.

Healthy Lifestyle

There are 3 main pillars of health to care for your body: diet, sleep, and exercise. Eating a balanced diet will give you the nutrition you need to sustain you at an optimal energy level. Curb emotional eating habits by keeping healthy snacks prepped and ready so you can avoid junk food temptations. 

Set a sleep schedule in place that’s as consistent as possible. For better quality sleep, wind yourself down about 30 minutes before bedtime by doing something calming (that doesn’t involve screen time). 

Get into the habit of staying active. Shoot for an exercise session of at least 20-30 minutes several days a week. Exercise has numerous benefits to keep stress at bay, such as lowered cortisol and increased endorphins to boost your energy and mood.

Find something you enjoy – like stretching, walking, biking, competitive games, weight lifting, etc. – to keep you motivated to get moving regularly. 

Sleep and exercise make stress more manageable.

Financial Management

Money can definitely be a big source of stress (especially with the current state of our economy). The best place to start to manage your financial situation is to draw up a budget. Track your income and expenses, and set goals for the future. 

If you find you come out positive, set that extra money aside in savings. If you’re in the negative, it’s time to find new ways to earn money and/or spend less money. Stay on the lookout for simple ways to save, like shopping at consignment stores or using a browser extension like Capital One Shopping to find deals on everyday online purchases. 

Reduce Family Stress with Self-care

Self-care could mean drinking herbal tea and taking a hot bath. But it also means creating “you” time to reset your mind and pursue your own interests, hobbies, and goals

What are you passionate about? How can you make room in your life for those passions and talents? Maybe this means spending a few minutes a day crafting or painting. Or maybe it means going back to school to obtain your dream degree. (Hint: Apply for easy scholarships to help you pay your way.) Whatever your goal, it doesn’t have to be out of reach just because you’re a busy, loving parent.

Investing in yourself in this way will give you the benefits of feeling more centered and resilient toward obstacles that arise. You’ll be more prepared to give your family the best version of yourself if you create regular opportunities to meet your own needs and desires. 

young pretty woman reduce family stress with self care while drinking tea and reading a book
Self-care comes in a variety of ways. And will always help reduce family stress.

Improve Your Relationships

Relieving stress doesn’t just require looking inward. It also requires looking outward to the most important people in your life. To stay mentally and emotionally afloat, it’s essential to cultivate solid relationships with your family members. 

Take the time to connect with each child in your family. Listen to them. Learn who they are and what they love. Be curious about their unique personality traits and gifts. Don’t just be the looming authority who hands out consequences for negative behavior. Become your children’s best friend and the most influential force for good in their lives. They won’t be this little forever – cherish these moments while you can. 

mom and toddler daughter reading together in the fall to reduce family stress
Prioritizing one on one time with your child strengthens family relationships. Healthy relationships reduce family stress.

About the Author – Tiffany Park is a parenting, health, and communications writer for Little Bundle with a passion for improving family connections for herself and others. Having studied communications and early childhood education, she loves finding and sharing ideas to help parents and families thrive. She enjoys learning new things, seeing different perspectives, and seeking fun adventures with her husband and toddling daughter.

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