8 Guided instruction workbooks for the most common parenting frustrations Mama Duck gets! Your hot-button questions, such as how to get your child to listen the first time, choose & following through with consequences, remaining calm, and more, in this valuable workbook bundle.

Simple and actionable solutions!

*This workbook bundle is an overview and meant to be a starting point for a handful of common discipline problems and solutions. If you're ready to go deep into understanding effective disipline, choose Discipline That Makes a Difference

Imagine if you could...  

  • Get your child to listen the first time 
  • Choose discipline that is effective 
  • Learn the truth to remaining calm 
  • Discover the secret to disciplining with confidence

28 days of biblical parenting to help you see God's will and word for biblically parenting your child!

Would you like to understand biblical:

  • Discipline
  • Training
  • Honor
  • Obedience

discipline that makes a difference ebook guide and workbook cover for effective parenting and solutions to discipline and behavior problems

Discover the Discipline eBook Guide and Workbook that will fully walk you through a DEEP DIVE of choosing, implementing, and following through with discipline that will make a powerful difference in your parenting and family culture!

*This guide is my most extensive and complete guide to discipline. This is the perfect resource if you're ready for a thorough understanding of all aspects of effective discipline

Ever Wonder...

  • What IS the right way to handle defiance?  
  • How do I choose consequences that will work? 
  • How can I discipline without losing my patience?
  • Am I being too harsh?
  • Am I being firm enough?  

Learn how to...

  • establish and follow through with effective consequences  
  •  set boundaries, standards, an obedient family culture, and more
  • apply everything you learn to your daily parenting
  • Discipline with love and confidence

"I read your book "Discipline that makes a difference" and I want thank you, you are really changing my life. I'm 47 and I'm a mother of three 14-12-10 yrs old. After I read your book, I started to practice what I learned immediately and in few days I have seen results I haven't seen for years. THANK YOU!!” - Diletta  

"I want to thank you for... sharing your parenting resourses.{They} have given me a renewed confidence and excitement for being a mother to train my children to love Jesus and be excellent humans." -Danis

"I am so thankful to have found your blog. The most brilliant and insightful parenting advice that I've received is echoed in your words. I can't wait to read more. I pray that my life reflect the light of Christ as your words do!" - Leah