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discipline that makes a difference ebook guide and workbook cover for effective parenting and solutions to discipline and behavior problems
discipline that makes a difference ebook guide and workbook cover for effective parenting and solutions to discipline and behavior problems

Discover the Discipline eBook Guide and Workbook that will walk you through a DEEP DIVE of choosing, implementing, and following through with discipline that will make a powerful difference in your parenting and family culture!

*This guide is my most extensive and complete guide to discipline. This is the perfect resource if you're ready for a thorough understanding of all aspects of effective discipline

Ever Wonder...

  •  What's the right way to handle defiance?  
  •  How do I choose consequences that will work?  
  •  How can I discipline without losing my patience?
  • Am I being too harsh?
  • Am I being firm enough?  


  •  The keys to establishing and following through with effective consequences  
  •  The real reason effective discipline is vital to raising great kids!  
  •  Guided workbook questions and planning to take DTMaD from words on a page to implementation to parenting transformation!

28 days of biblical parenting to help you see God's will and word for biblically parenting your child!

This unique parenting devotional is full of scriptural wisdom for:

  • Discipline
  • Honor
  • Heritage
  • Reputation
  • Training
  • Negative Influences
  • Obedience

Guided instructions for how to get your child to listen the first time, choose and carry out effective discipline correctly, remain calm, and much more!

This bundle will provide an overview of your most common discipline and parenting concerns while providing simple and actionable solutions.

*This bundle is an overview and meant to be a starting point for a handful of common problems and solutions. If you're ready to go deep into understanding effective disipline, choose Discipline That Makes a Difference

Answers to questions like:

  • Am I getting it right?
  • Why isn't my discipline working?
  • How can I be a more confident parent?
  • How can I remain calm?
  • What's the right way to handle a tantrum?
  • And More!

"I read your book "Discipline that makes a difference" and I want thank you, you are really changing my life. I'm 47 and I'm a mother of three 14-12-10 yrs old. After I read your book, I started to practice what I learned immediately and in few days I have seen results I haven't seen for years. THANK YOU!!”  


"I want to thank you for... sharing your parenting resourses. They have created a more black and white practical application version of what has been swirling around in my new mom brain. Your resources have given me a renewed confidence and excitement for being a mother to train my children to love Jesus and be all around excellent humans."


"My husband and I love the tips and ebook...I’m looking forward to having a more deliberate (and less snap-to) approach to parenting/training. We even started using some of your ideas {while traveling.} It took a day or two, but she started to “get it” and I felt less like a mean, crazy mom!"