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Introducing Your Child To God Using Apologetics For Kids

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You know your name the same way you know the grass is green. The same way you know that a rainbow is pretty and that slugs are slimy. You know these things to be true because they have always been true. Since the very beginning, you’ve been taught those things as truth. Introducing your child to God, by establishing biblical truth to your toddler happens in the same way! From the beginning.

toddler raising his hands to god in a green field

Going to church every Sunday morning is an important part of our family vision. We enjoy staying in relationship with other believers. And community worship is satisfying to the soul.

However, if the only time your little one hears about God is on Sunday mornings, God becomes a place instead of an “ever-present help” (Psalm 46:1)

When God is woven through the fibers of our everyday lives our children understand that he’s always there. Praying, singing worship music and reading books about God with your child establish his presence on a daily basis.

My favorite resources for teaching children Godly truth is Answers In Genesis.

I was fortunate enough to hear the answers in Genesis creator Ken Hamm speak at a homeschool conference. My family and I also took a trip to the creation museum (also founded by Ken Hamm) last summer and loved it. Read here to decide if going to the creation museum is right for your family.

Introducing Your Child To God With Apologetics

In a nutshell, apologetics is teaching all of creation, all of life, all of purpose, through every perfect word in scripture. From God speaking life into existence to the day in which we live, apologetics understands that God is sovereign over it all.

When you want your child to know the truth of God as clearly as she knows her name, you raise her with God as much a part of her life as you are. Your child never needed to learn you love her. She simply felt it every moment of her life. Such it is with knowing God.

5 Steps To Introducing Your Child To God

Let’s do a step by step just to keep things practical because I love practical.

#1. From birth, pray with, to, and in front of your child.

#2. Answer questions with scripture.

#3. Read to your child from apologetics books every day.

#4. Worship together.

#5. Finally, Be involved in your church.

Apologetics Rescued Me From Fear

Lastly, I want to share a quick sort-of-funny, sort-of-sad story with you. When I was little an adult told me that he was from another planet and that I would someday be taken off to that planet. Ya… it’s kind of funny now. However, as a small child, I wholeheartedly believed this and lived in fear because of it.

As I got older and gave my heart to Christ, I began to learn apologetics. Apologetics is largely responsible for the defeat of all the fears bred in me as a child. You’re doing a great thing for your child by equipping her now to have a heart and a mind full of wisdom and absolute truth! Read how to eliminate your child’s fears here.


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