One Thing Every New Mom Needs To Know About Her Husband

Dear New Mommy who is immersed in motherhood: That’s you… Mommy. The one praying, saying, and doing all you can to give your little ones the best you have to offer. There’s something you should know. A fact every new mom needs to know about her husband: it will make you pause your busy-ness and smile big. So I am going to tell you…

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Recently, after days and days of passing each other like ships in the night, my husband walked past me on his way to work. As he walked past, he paused, looked at me, and said, “I miss you!”

Say What?

I was so surprised. At that moment, I knew I needed to tell you that your husband misses you because it might be 15 years before he says it himself.

Have you noticed, men aren’t so much “with the words?” There’s a lot of biology and psychology to support that men are all about the visual and women are all about the audible.

Unfortunately, that means you don’t hear things like “I miss you” very much from your husband. Unless, of course, you said it first.

So I’m here to say it for him. Because it’s in his heart, it’s simply not coming out of his mouth.

One Thing Every New Mom Needs to Know About Her Husband

It doesn’t occur to your man to say things out loud. His thoughts and feelings are his own. He owns them like he owns his foot. They are a part of himself. To give them away is giving away a part of himself.

The Reality of Being a New Mom.

I remember being elbow deep into the first 5 years of motherhood and loving every second of it! I was in my element; changing diapers, training manners, and teaching letter sounds! I was so good at it; it made me feel good about myself.

During this time, I was also soberingly aware of the reality of motherhood. That being; My children will not be little long. Life is fleeting! As a result, I took two steps during those first few years that you should take as well.

  • #1. Soak and bask in every single moment of motherhood while your kiddos are little. You will blink, and they will be big.
  • #2. When your littles are out of the house, your husband will still be there. You have to set aside a fair amount of your nurturing for your marriage. If you don’t, once the kids are grown, you’ll be living with a shriveled up, wilting stranger.

To help fuel your desire to nurture your marriage while your little ones are so darn cute and super demanding of your time, I’m going to tell you a few more things your husband may be thinking but not saying.

What Else Does Your Husband Need You To Know?

#1. He really enjoyed being your favorite person before your baby came along.

  • My husband has always been my favorite person. He’s seriously the bomb. However, when there was a baby in the house, I won’t lie, I had to force myself to remember who my first favorite person was.

#2. He likes hearing what you have to say.

  • Just because he doesn’t always offer a lot of feedback doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to talk to you.

#3. He wants you to hug and kiss him too.

  • Your man may not be the best affection giver, but he sure does like to get it from you.

#4. He misses how you would talk about him in front of or with other people.

  • Let’s be real; your little bambino is pretty much all you talk about now. But remember back in the day, when you talked about your guy and your marriage? Bring a little of that back from time to time.

#5. He misses the way you would plan to spend the evening.

  • What shall we watch tonight, babe? Friends? Scrubs? Iron Chef?

#6. He missed you snuggling up to him in bed.

  • Yes, I know, you have kids hanging on you all. day. long. And you really just want some space in bed at night. I get it, and I understand. That’s why I’m not saying you should be climbing all over him every chance you get. I’m all about practical. Just know that he misses your snuggles.

Your Husband Was There Before Your Baby

The truth is, there is a lot that has changed since you’ve had a child. I know you try to keep some balance and not forget about your husband. Really, I do. But, are you trying hard enough?

It’s easier to remember him and try even harder when you know it matters. Just know that he thinks and feels all the good things about you. …He does. I’m happy to be the one to tell you because I know it’s true.

Your husband misses you. He wants you to hug him, talk to him, and don’t forget about him. It takes a little bit of extra effort. Fortunately, men are pretty low maintenance, and a little is all he needs.

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