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Indoor Playground And Play Area Rules And Etiquette 101

It’s a warm Tuesday morning, and every mom in the city has decided to bring her toddler to the indoor playground area! And since parenting philosophies and styles are as varied as the people that make up this world, indoor play area rules and etiquette is often left up to interpretation. Come on, now… some things are just good sense, right?

For the sake of your sanity and to make sure you’ve got all your child-training bases covered, let’s talk about the standards of manners and behavior in the dos and don’ts of indoor playgrounds!

little girl following indoor play area rules and etiquette while playing with colorful blocks on the floor

Indoor Play Area Rules and Etiquette 101

Indoor playgrounds are pretty gross. I mean, honestly, there’s no better breeding ground for nasty germs! However, they are also loads of fun… for kids anyway.

I don’t ever remember going to an indoor play area when I was a kid. I remember going through the fast food drive through and wanting to go in SO BAD! We lived far from town and it seemed like we never had enough time.

Now that I’ve been Momming for all these years, I know it was probably just a “not-gonna-happen” request.

When my oldest child was a toddler, I loved taking him to the indoor play area at our local mall. As a stay at home mom, we would go at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday. The only other people that would be there at that time were other stay at home moms.

I appreciated using the indoor play area as an opportunity to train my child how to make friends. Read how I did that here. (I’ve used the same play area and the same method for all of my children actually… I’m grateful for that play area now that I think about it:)

There’s Bound To Be Conflict – Keep It Minimal

One thing is for certain regarding playgrounds and indoor play areas. You and/or your child will run into conflict! With the vast array of parenting notions swirling the world, your child will run into another child that doesn’t meet your standards of behavior.

Take a deep breath. I know just thinking about a little rascal being mean to your sweet baby makes you boil inside a little (or a lot.) It does me too. BUT… I’ll tell you what I tell my kids. We can’t control other people’s actions, only our own. So…

That means your only job is to make sure YOUR child is following the indoor playground do’s and don’ts. Doing so means you can leave the play area knowing you did your part and your child acted appropriately.

With that, you can walk tall, smile, and give yourself a parenting pat-on-the-back!

Indoor Playground Dos.

Let’s start with the indoor play area rules and etiquette dos.

#1. Do give other people preference over yourselves.

#2. Do speak to people.

She asked 3 separate times before he finally said yes. After which, they had a fun time together. He was simply very shy and if she hadn’t been bold, they both would have missed out.

#3. Do follow the rules.

#4. Do take turns.

#5. Do capture every teachable moment.

Indoor Playground Don’ts

And now the indoor play area rules and etiquette don’ts.

#1. Don’t go sick.

#2. Don’t bring toys.

#3. Don’t be afraid to stand up for your child.

#4. Don’t be dramatic.

#5. Don’t let your kids touch other kids.

Final Etiquette Truths

Finally, I want you to know you are doing a great job. The very fact that you are taking the time to train your child what is and is not acceptable behavior in a public play area means you’re a rock-star of a mom! Do the dos. Don’t do the don’t’s. Give another mom and her child grace, and remember… you can’t raise them all.


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